Suunto D4 Immersione del computer Sub Orologio giallo

Suunto D4 Immersione del computer Sub Orologio gialloSuunto D4 Scuba Dive Computer Diving Wrist Black Watch Yellow color! Lightweight, easy to use, and practical Suunto D4 is a full-decompression wristop dive computer designed to put information, ease of use, and style first. Its four operating modes, dive planning and analysis functions, and compatibility with optional Suunto Dive Manager PC software make Suunto D4 a great choice for those who value functionality and ease of use. Suunto D4 comes with a scratch guard that helps to protect the display against scratching. With its innovative freedive functions and dedicated freedive mode, Suunto D4 is also perfect if you’re serious about breath-hold diving. Programmed to sample depth three times a second, Suunto D4 records highly accurate data on the true depth reached. Surface time and depth alarms help you make responsible decisions both in…

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